OxenTec.co.za Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Service Company Cape Town South Africa

OxenTec's enterprise software solutions are ideal for SMMEs and large corporates looking to automate their business processes.

We structure our service offerings in such a way that the customer benefits from a set of ready-built business processes which serve as a guideline for clients to conduct their businesses based on tried and tested best practises. We also ensure at all times that clients have the flexibility of tailoring the business applications we provide, to their specific business needs to incorporate specialized functions or streamline processes that pertain to thier particular business operations.


OxenTec adopts a modular approach in providing business applications to our clients. This means your application is built step by step, implementing just those business processes you need at the time while at the same time providing our clients with the flexibility of easily extending the capabilities of their application by adding modules as and when new functionality is required.