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The Pentaho BI Suite is made up of several products:


Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration, codenamed Kettle, consists of a core data integration (ETL) engine, and GUI applications that allow the user to define data integration jobs and transformations. It supports deployment on single node computers as well as on a cloud, or cluster.


Pentaho Analysis Services

Pentaho Analysis Services, codenamed Mondrian OLAP server, is an open source OLAP (online analytical processing) server, written in Java. It supports the MDX (multidimensional expressions) query language and the XML for Analysis and olap4j interface specifications. It reads from SQL and other data sources and aggregates data in a memory cache.


Pentaho Reporting

Pentaho Reporting consists of a core reporting engine, capable of programmatic generating reports based on an XML definition file.




Pentaho Data Mining

Pentaho Data Mining, codenamed Weka, is a comprehensive set of tools for machine learning and data mining. Its broad suite of classification, regression, association rules, and clustering algorithms can be used to help an analyst understand the business better and to improve future performance through predictive analytics.


Pentaho DashBoard

Conceptually Pentaho Dashboard is an Integrated platform to provide insight into your data, where you can view all kind of Interactive reports, charts and cubes created using Pentaho tools such as Pentaho Report Designer. It is a dashboard-style interface which provides a centralized view over your Business Data Movements, letting you monitor them and make decisions.


Pentaho for Apache Hadoop

Pentaho for Hadoop lowers Big Data onramp with easy-to-use, affordable ETL and analytics offering. Pentaho Data Integration for Hadoop and the Pentaho BI Suite for Hadoop address the biggest challenges experienced by users of Hadoop.