OxenTec.co.za Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Service Company Cape Town South Africa

Until now only two main alternatives existed for systems that manage a company’s information:

    -- install a proprietary ERP system, complete but usually overweight, inflexible, and expensive;

    -- or develop a solution internally, adapted to current needs but often expensive to develop, not integrated, and incomplete.

OpenERP changes the ERP market in a very big way especially for those organization looking to effectively spend thier IT budgets.


OxenTec's OpenERP service offering provides consultation, configuration, implementation, custom module development and support. The results will be at the top end of what you would expect from any ERP system, let alone an Open Source system. The considerable gains in productivity, efficiency and visibility become apparent only a few months after implementation. And you can gain from the increased operational quality even if you reduce your human resourcing intensity.