OxenTec.co.za IT Intrastructure

OxenTec employs qualified and experienced designers, communication and systems engineers, project managers, technicians etc and as a result are able to provide complete design, installations and professional services for a variety of IT Infrastructure related projects.

 circle infrastructure


OxenTec adopts strategic approach to provide a wide range of reliable, cost-effective voice, data and video infrastructure support services, including: design, engineering, installation, documentation and maintenance for each client. Our cabling teams and network engineers ensure that the entire installation is put through a rigorous testing procedure using the latest technology and are done to the highest standards.



Virtualization allows multiple operating system instances to run concurrently on a single computer; it is a means of separating hardware from a single operating system.

Virtualization adds a software layer that allows a server to run many different applications and operating systems, thus consolidating hardware resources. A group of computers can be clustered together and controlled as one virtual computer as well in some configurations for a more flexible cloud environment.

Organizations save money with virtualization by using their hardware more efficiently



OxenTec's hosting services utilizes the best attributes of hardware, application and web hosting, to creating scalable, flexible solutions that support an organization's business reach. Rather than focusing on technology (which we already have), our service focuses on the higher-order business processes that your company needs for success. OxenTec provides complete internet hosting packages for buisness large and small.


IT Support

Reliability and continuity of your IT infrastructure are essential for the smooth operation of your business. OxenTec's provides you with engineers to guarantee support of your IT infrastructure, with flexible schedules to carter for those clients and/organization with global operations.

The OxenTec support experience, is tailored to fit your exact requirements. We discuss your requirements, perform a detailed audit and then build a package to fit your operations, IT infrastructure and budget. OxenTec also offers the flexibility of working with you from a distance (remotely), or in-house, as an extension to your internal team.

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