Technologies Employed OxenTec

As more and more companies make the move towards platform independence, scalability and datadriven applications, we ensure that we keep up with the proven and tested industry standard technologies so we can guarantee our clients nothing but the best.

Oxentec solutions are platform and database independent, and are optimised for the particular environment in which they are deployed. Using the latest, stable technologies we strive to conform to world-wide enterprise standards employing open architecture.

Flexibility in large component based systems, easy development, deployment and maintenance; while  protecting data and reputation especially from new developers and unwitting users, is essentially what the Model View Control (MVC) architecture strives to achieve. This is the framework Oxentec employs for the development of all applications. Successful implementation of this framework allows for the isolation of business logic from user interface considerations. This results in an application which is easier to modify visually and “under the hood”. The Model represents the data, the View corresponds to elements of the user interface such as text boxes etc, and Control manages the communication of data and business rules used to manipulate the data to and from the Model.

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