OxenTec About Us

OXEN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES (Pty) Ltd, trading as Oxentec, is a fully black owned and managed ICT company. Our focus is in the delivery of future-proof applications that are adaptable to changes in business requirements and technological advancement to corporate, small businesses and government. Oxentec places a lot of emphasis on highlighting areas where our clients can improve on their existing infrastructure and/or implement new infrastructure.

Oxentec offers flexibility in terms of the client's needs. While we have the ability to develop complete and fully functional end-to-end systems, we also work with other teams where the need for our expertise exists. Part of our modus operandi is to prioritise the transfer of knowledge to client resources during the course of a project.

Client Confidence
The ability to deliver in IT has always been one of the criteria for choosing a preferred IT services provider. Sixty (60) years of combined experience in IT services, project management and delivery allows us to provide the client with the confidence that technically sound and future-proof solutions are always delivered on time and within budget. Furthermore, both management and staff skill-sets are enhanced regularly by industry leading, trend-setting workshops, courses and seminars.

OxenTec Service Offerings

OxenTec.co.za Application Development OxenTec.co.za IT Consulting OxenTec.co.za IT Infrastructure OxenTec.co.za System Integration