OxenTec IP Telephony Service Company Cape Town South Africa

Asterisk is the newest, most affordable PBX technology solution for businesses that are looking to break free from traditional telephone services and almost any business can benefit from the use of Asterisk's open-source PBX technology.


OxenTec's Asterisk PBX phone systems facilitate communication between on-site and off-site employees, giving your clients one phone number where they can reach administrative assistants, customer support representatives and personal representatives alike, while providing your business with a system that is easy-to-use, reliable, and professional. With an Asterisk PBX phone system from OxenTec, you will always have an extension wherever you are.

A few of the features available are:


    IVR (Digital Receptionist)

    Music On Hold

    Ring Groups

    Time Conditions

    System Recordings

    Voice mail

    Voice mail to Email

    Outlook and CRM integration

    PSTN Fallback (in case of internet failure)